👨‍🔧About Me

Welcome to my personal website!👋 I'm Aaro Alhainen, a passionate and versatile Software Developer and Web Browser Engineer based in Helsinki, Finland. I have been working in the software industry since 2017 and currently I'm employed by a company that offers a world leading Sales Acceleration Platform. In my spare time, I'm also developing my own web browser project, tentatively named theBrowser (I'm still working on a better name😅).

🛠️My Skills

I have extensive Full Stack experience with various technologies, such as Vue.js, NodeJS, Python, Django, Nginx, Apache, and MySQL . For JavaScript development, I prefer TypeScript but I also use Vanilla JS when needed. Besides Full Stack, I have also done mobile development for Android and iOS with Swift, Java/Kotlin, and Flutter, integrating different kinds of Back-End solutions. For data processing and Neural Networks/Machine Learning I have used to do with Pandas, PyTorch and TensorFlow.

🏡My Hobbies

I'm always eager to learn new things and improve myself as a developer. My long-term interest has been Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence in general and recently I have also explored functional programming with languages like Clojure. I will share some of my projects and insights in the Projects section (coming soon™️). You can also check out my other coding-related projects on my GitHub .

Apart from coding, I enjoy reading📚, listening to books🎧, taking walks🚶‍♂️ and bouldering🧗‍♂️ with my friends. For the year 2023, I set a goal to read more books and so far I have been successful in keeping up the habit.